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Sayonara, Milk tea~

Robot and Music - FLOPPY community
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This is the FLOPPY community. FLOPPY is a project group formed by Sharaku Kobayashi from Metronome and Hiromu Toda from neuron and Shinjuku Gewalt. The music is based on a new genre, "Famicom Pop." Please enjoy this community!

RULES. Read them, and please abide by them.

1) Posts must be FLOPPY related!
2) Please be civil; if I see a flame war starting, I will promptly put an end to it in any means (however weird or un-necessary) I see fit.
3) No posts looking for files. No mp3's. No videos. Photos are fine. Please support the band and buy their items.


I am the computer music.
floppy, hiromu toda, macintosh, metronome, neuron, sharaku, sharaku kobayashi, shinjuku gewalt, toda, メトロノーム、新宿ゲバルト, 小林写楽, 戸田宏武